Takeaway Kraft Pizza Boxes

Kraft Pizza Boxes

Ensure that your pizzas remain intact during transport with our Kraft Pizza Boxes!

Engineered to preserve the freshness and integrity of pizzas, our pizza boxes feature sturdy construction and ventilated designs to prevent sogginess while ensuring optimal heat retention. Available in various sizes to accommodate different pizza sizes and crust thicknesses, they serve as the perfect vessel for delivering mouth watering pizzas straight to customers’ doors. Our Pizza Boxes can be made of durable white or brown kraft paper to suit your preferences and needs. You can also design your products with complete colour coverage as well as speciality print finishes. All styles offer unique aesthetic and functional benefits, ensuring that your packaging not only looks great but also provides the durability and protection your products deserve. The elegant Kraft finish bring a charming touch to take out orders at your pizzeria, restaurant, or cafeteria.


Strong & Sturdy Kraft Paper

Whether you’re making pizzas for your neighbors or baking cookies for family members, these durable pizza boxes are specially designed to hold the weight of your pizzas, cookies, or donuts. Conveniently package all types of foods and deliver them with ease!


Corrugated Boxes For Quick Assembly

These corrugated pizza boxes provide you with an effortless way to fold and assemble boxes. Plus, they hold their shape to ensure lids stay closed when delivering or serving meals.

Greaseproof Design Eliminates Leaks

Whether your packaging pastries or pizzas, these greaseproof pizza boxes prevent oils and grease from seeping through to eliminate messes. No need to stress about messes when delivering dishes to customers or friends!


Find The Perfect Pizza Boxes

We offer 23x23cm, 28x28cm and 33x33cm, choose the boxes that best fits your packaging needs. Deliver small or large pizzas with style! All of our disposable pizza boxes are sold in pack of 100, providing you with plenty of boxes to package pizzas. Each box arrives flat to conveniently save storage space in cabinet.

Pizza Box Brown 23x23cm

Kraft Pizza Box, 23x23x4cm, 100 Pcs / Ctn

Pizza Box Brown 28x28cm

Kraft Pizza Box, 28x28x4cm, 100 Pcs / Ctn

Kraft Pizza Box, 33x33x4cm, 100 Pcs / Ctn


White Pizza Box, 23x23x4cm, 100 Pcs / Ctn

Pizza Box White 28x28cm

White Pizza Box, 28x28x4cm, 100 Pcs / Ctn


White Pizza Box, 33x33x4cm, 100 Pcs / Ctn

Leading Bespoke Pizza Box Printing in Dubai

Are you a pizza shop looking to become the talk of the town. Why not maximize your brand exposure and design your very own custom pizza boxes? Adding your own pizza box design to your marketing arsenal will be sure to turn your eyes when being delivered across your community. Pizza is one of the favorite fast food that many love to eat and share experiences as a family. Having a unique, recognizable personalized pizza box makes a huge difference to a positive, unforgettable customer experience.

Have A Pizza Box Design In Mind?

Get in touch with our team today who can bring your pizza box design to life. However, if you only have a basic idea of what you may want your custom pizza box to look like that’s okay. At Yashtech, we have an in-house design team who can help you to develop your ideas until you are truly happy. Our designers will work with you until the design is right. Email us your logo and ideas, and we’ll get started.


For any product or bespoke packaging enquiries, drop us a line using the contact form and let’s talk about your project.