Flexsil Lid

Looking for an innovative solution to food pan covers?

We bring to you Stretchable Silicone Food Covers, Flexsil Lids an environmentally friendly, time-saving option for day-to-day preparation in professional kitchens!

This Food-Grade, Reusable Silicone Lids are specifically designed to reduce the use of Plastic Film Wrap and Aluminium Foils on Gastronorm and Steam Pans used in Commercial Kitchens! The unique lip-lock design locks in freshness and reduces food waste with an airtight seal. The multiple uses when used with gastronorm containers, include cooking in the oven or microwave up to 220°C / 428°F, freezing to -40°C / -40°F for storage in cold stores or fridges. When used with racking trolleys, the leak proof seal and smooth silicone edges of Flexsil-Lids help to prevent the risk of spillage, burns from hot food products and the gastronorm containers sliding during transport.

Item Code: YT1200

1/1 Flexsil-Lid

Size: 523mm x 318mm

Product code: YT1199

1/2 Flexsil-Lid

Size: 318mm x 259mm

Product code: YT1198

1/3 Flexsil-Lid

Size: 316mm x 174mm

Product code: YT1197

1/4 Flexsil -Lid

Size: 256mm x 155mm

Product code: YT1196

1/6 Flexsil-Lid

Size: 160mm x 172mm

Product code: YT1195

1/9 Flexsil-Lid

Size: 167mm x 104mm

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