ECO-Friendly bags

In an era where environmental sustainability is at the forefront of global concerns, the inquiry into the eco-friendliness of paper carrier bag have taken center stage. As our planet grapples with the escalating repercussions of single use plastics, paper bags have emerged as a beacon of hope in responsible packaging.

Are your Customers Concerned about the environment? Are they committed to using eco-friendly and re-usable bags?

Bag it with Yashtech, one of the best Paper Bags Supplier in UAE. We have been at the forefront for providing customized, reusable, and Eco-friendly Bags in Dubai for various industries such as supermarkets, retail chains, e-commerce stores, Food and beverage, hospitality, and more. We strive to understand our client’s requirements in detail and provide a range of recycled bags to fit every need, including a selection of natural, eco-friendly cotton and jute bags which are designed to be sturdy and strong enough to be used regularly.

Exploring Handle Options

The choice of handles can significantly impact the overall look and feel of luxury paper bags. To choose the perfect paper bag for your business needs, it’s essential to understand the different handle options available. Here’s a brief overview of the various types of handles to consider and we offer:

Twisted Handle Paper Bags

Discover the perfect blend of practicality and style with our White and Brown Twisted Handle Bags. These versatile Kraft paper bags are not only functional but also exude an understated elegance that elevates your packaging game. Whether you’re running a boutique, organizing a special event, or simply in need of reliable carryout bags. Our White and Brown Twisted Handle Bags are your go-to choice.

  • Elegant and versatile twisted handle bags for all occasions.
  • Available in earthy brown for a timeless look.
  • Comfortable twisted handles make for easy carrying.
  • Multiple sizes to choose from, catering to various needs.
  • Minimalistic design allows for easy customization and branding.
  • Perfect for creating a memorable unboxing experience.

Die-Cut Handle Paper Bags

The solid and reusable die-cut handle carrier bag has secure double-reinforced grip holes. This style of bag is a premium choice which is commonly used for wine bottle bags, luxury food and premium cosmetic brands. When it comes to your order, the shape of die cut handles can be attractively designed to your exact requirements. This adds character and appeal to the appearance of your design. We can advise on finishes, including embossing, debossing or spot UV to add texture and depth to truly reflect your brand.

  • Simply Classic
  • Made from tear resistant die cut Kraft Paper
  • Natural and organic way to package goods and are perfect for food and takeout
  • Material Options – Choose from brown / white kraft, ensuring sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • Custom Printing – To showcase your logo, branding, or custom design, making each bag a powerful marketing tool.

Flat Handle Paper Bags

Aside from their eco-friendly nature, flat handle paper bags are highly convenient for both customers and businesses. The sturdy construction of these bags ensures that they can withstand the weight of various items, making them ideal for takeaway orders, groceries, retail purchases, and more. The flat handles provide a comfortable grip, allowing customers to carry their items with ease. Great for keeping costs down and promoting your brand in a simple and eco-friendly way. We can as well offer a wide range of printed paper bags to cater to your specific requirements.

  • Sturdy Kraft Bags – turdy box-shaped bottoms, providing reliable support for packing and displaying food items.
  • Customizable Design – With their pure kraft paper design, our bags offer a blank canvas for personalization. Decorate them with prints to create unique gift bags for various occasions.
  • Safe and Low Impact: Made from naturally food-safe materials, our brown paper bags can be effortlessly composted or recycled.
  • Multi-purpose; our eco-friendly paper bags can be used for all manner of items including takeaways, groceries, sandwiches, confectionery and baked goods as they are entirely food safe.

Create The Right Impression With Customized Luxury Paper Bags.

Discover the impact of our eye-catching printed luxury paper bags, perfect for boutiques and high-end retail brands in the fashion and gift sectors. As your customers stroll down the high street, enjoy a coffee, or share their experiences on social media, these custom bags with rope handles serve as a powerful marketing tool for your brand. Not only do they look fantastic, but they also offer a premium feel that your customers will love.

Finding a supplier that can cater to your every customization need can be challenging, but at Yashtech, we excel in offering a broad range of high quality, customized packaging. From handle styles like rope and ribbon to various colors and branding, we can create tailor-made bags in sizes from extra small to extra large.

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