Price / Date Gun Machine and Labels

Pricing Guns are one of the most efficient ways for merchants and retailers to affix price labels onto their products. The guns help reduce the cost of pricing merchandise by automating the process and allowing prices to be easily changed when needed. When it comes to marking items with a price gun, there are no limits. Any kind of surface can be marked with these guns, including glass products and frozen food packs.


Choosing the right labelling gun for your retail store is essential. There are pricing guns that print one, two or three lines with up to 10 characters in a single line in the marketplace. A single liner pricing gun will be a perfect match if you wish to display only the price on your products. However, if additional information such as batch number, production and expiration date is required to be displayed, a two-liner gun will do the job. Three-liner guns let you add yet more information specific to your business.

Here are some of the top picks we offer:


“Jolly” is one of the most popular, light weight price guns. The Labeller is simply easy to handle and comfortable to use, thanks to their ergonomic grip.  The machine has got an extremely robust plastic body and is capable of printing up to 10 characters on each of the 2 lines. The Label roll is enclosed within a protective cover and can be changed within seconds. Pricing, Batch Numbering and Numeric Data Marking, all are now possible with a single gun machine that makes use of 26 x 16mm Labels. Ideal for use in cloth shops, grocery, bakery, cafe’s, pharmaceuticals, electronic supply stores, book store and other retail shops of any kind.  



“Blitz” is one of the most reliable labelling machines that works without maintenance for years. The body is made of hard plastics and constructed to high-precision, ensuring long term durability even for heavy duty applications. The gun machine allows the printing of two lines on one label. The first line can be printed with 10 smaller digits for coding or product information (such as expiration dates, production date, weight etc). The second line can be delivered with 4 smaller digits and 6 larger digits for printing the price information. Makes use of 26 x 16mm Labels.

Blitz is often the preferred choice of hand labeller in groceries and other stores within the food industry where expiration date, date of manufacture, price and capacity must be printed on the product.  We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by the quality of these price guns which is immediately obvious the minute you choose a Blitz Labeller!