Storage and Warehouse Labels

Warehouses are a means to temporarily store products until they are shipped out to customers. The organization of these items for quick accessibility at the time of order fulfillment is of utmost importance. Labeling aisles, shelves, racks, pallets, bins or marking cold storage areas will ensure your inventory remains organized at the proper designated areas and easy to locate when needed. At Yashtech, we use the best combination of materials to produce premium-quality Warehouse Labels in Dubai, engineered for your specific application.

Our Range of Labels!


We offer not only a customized solution, but a complete one. Rack Labels are a necessity to streamline the workflow of your warehouse. With our customized and visually attractive rack labels printed to the highest precision, your staff will be able to quickly locate and identify the right inventory for stocking and shipping. The Multilevel Rack Labels eliminate the need for long range scanners, as your staff can quickly identify products on different levels with a single label. Directional references like up or down arrows and barcoding allows automated location verification as well as clear humanlegible instruction. Our Labels stay put even in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. 


Warehouse Bins come in all shapes, sizes and materials. We can provide labels that perfectly fit your container, stays adhered to your material and can withstand the tough warehouse environment. The Bin Labels come in heavy duty adhesive for bonding to any type of inventory and can be pre-printed or ordered blank for on-site, on-demand printing.  

Contact us today and our label experts will help you find the perfect solution to your warehouse labeling needs with wide variety of colours, sizes, adhesives and materials!