Security / Tamper Evident Tapes

As a supplier of Adhesive Tapes in UAE, our solutions are aimed at satisfying the different needs of our customers and the issue of shipping security is among our top priorities. We provide bespoke security solutions you need for small parcels right through to large international shipments. Our Tamper Evident Security Tapes guarantees to recipients and senders the absolute protection of the goods and the security of sealed packages. With every attempt at opening the parcel, visible traces remain on the surfaces that have been tampered with. The security tape presents an intelligent anti-theft solution and can be used for shipments of cardboard boxes containing valuable items or confidential documents. The Tapes are customizable in various colours (red, yellow, white, green, blue) with the option to print logos and/or messages on the surface of the tape with hidden text that appears after tampering. Contact us today to know more!