BOPP and PVC Tapes

BOPP Packing Tapes are one of the most preferred tapes for use in shipping and inventory management today and with a good reason. The special molecular structure of polypropylene offers excellent mechanical and optical properties useful in a variety of applications, one of which is packaging. As one of the best BOPP and PVC Tape Suppliers in UAE, we offer transparent, coloured and printed BOPP Tapes. Transparent BOPP Tapes are ideal for sealing packaging products that contains special instructions and needs visibility. Coloured BOPP Tapes are handy for inventory management by helping in the identification of products. As far as custom printed BOPP Tapes are considered, they can be utilized for a more efficient inventory management by communicating special care instructions and in advertising or building brand awareness. Though BOPP Tape is highly demanded in the logistics industry, these tapes have now started making a striking appearance in ever growing E-commerce sector. Not just BOPP, we do provide clear PVC Tapes as well. Contact us today or write to us your requirements and we will provide the best possible solution for you!