Barcode Labels and Ribbons

As supply chains get more complicated, the importance of Barcoded Logistics Labels in enabling control of the flow of products can’t be overstated. The Barcoded Labels act as a digital voice to assets that can be used to identify them and track where they are in the supply chain. Yashtech is one of the trusted and reliable Barcode Labels Supplier in UAE to deliver customized Barcode labels and ribbons that suits printers of all kind. We provide Barcode Labels of Direct Thermal variety that are suitable for short and long-term applications such as shipping labels, name tags, receipts and more.  

Cost-effective Ribbons For Your Short And Long-term Applications!

When it comes to Barcode Ribbons or Thermal Transfer Ribbons, we provide in many ink formulations such as Wax Ribbons, Wax-Resin Blend Ribbons, Resin Ribbons and more. Choosing the wrong Transfer Ribbon can result in the production of useless labels, poor print quality, fading of ink and damage to the printhead. Whether you have got Zebra, Datamax, Printronix or Sato, we assure you that our ribbons are compatible with multiple branded printers and are formulated to consistently deliver high quality print. Be it a shortterm or long-term application, we supply ribbons that fits your needs!


Wax Ribbons present a high percentage of wax in the colourant and are among the most popular for thermal printers. Wax melts at a lower temperature than Resin which helps in preserving the life of your printhead and produces a softer image. Since the labels printed using these ribbons do not have the durability as compared to the one with Resin, the ribbon will be a good choice for short-term applications such as shipping and shelf labels, retail or mailing labels, medical supplies, textile tags etc. Recommended substrates include coated and uncoated paper, gloss paper and synthetic materials such as PE and PP. Interested in Wax Ribbons? Give us a call today and let us know your requirements.


Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons is the most resilient among other ribbons in terms of its chemical resistance, weather resistance, temperature resistance, durability and much more. Our resin ribbons print at high speed and are preferred for label sensitive medical applications, chemicals, hot / frozen food packaging, tyres etc. The recommended substrates include synthetic materials like PE, PP, PET and coated paper. Is it the kind of ribbon you are looking for? Give us a call today and let us know your requirements.


The Ribbon is a combination of wax and resin-based substance in the colourant. When compared to Full Wax Ribbon, the hybrid is more durable to scratch and smear resistance, moderate to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. The ribbon is a great choice for applications such as laboratory labeling, outdoor product labeling, freezer applications where added durability is a must if you don’t want that barcode deteriorating. Want to know more? Give us a call today and our label experts will provide the right solution to your needs!


Want to add some colour to your Thermal Labels? There’s no better spot where you can find Thermal Transfer Ribbons in as many colours as we provide. We offer Ribbons in yellow, red, blue, green, orange, deep violet, metallic silver, gold, you name it we got it. Our coloured ribbons are available in Wax, Resin and Wax-Resin, totally compatible with all kind of thermal transfer printers. Recommended for colour coding inventory in warehouse and retail application. Give us a Call Today or write to us your requirements!