Kraft Food Boxes

Kraft Packaging: Aesthetic Simplicity

Kraft Paper Packaging is a canvas of simplicity. It’s natural, earthy tones and textured surface creates an aesthetic that’s both elegant and authentic. When your customers see their food nestled in Kraft Paper, it immediately evokes feelings of warmth and care. At YASHTECH, we’re in love with the timeless charm of Kraft Paper. Our commitment to sustainability and quality shines through in every product we offer. Whether you’re serving sandwiches, pastries or salads, our Kraft paper packaging elevates the visual appeal of your food while staying true to your eco-friendly values.


Best Takeaway Boxes for Food Packaging

Get ready to savour our sensational lineup of best-selling Kraft food packaging that is taking the industry by storm. Yashtech is your go-to supplier for Kraft Boxes in Dubai, offering a diverse range of top-quality products for you to find your eco-friendly culinary finesse. Transform your takeaway experience with our durable, versatile, sustainable Kraft food packaging. We’ve integrated this planet-positive material into a wide range of products, ensuring a delightful takeaway experience,

Need Something BeSpoke?

Customized Packaging

Enhance Your Food Presentation with Custom Kraft Boxes


Yashtech offers exceptional services in all areas. Whether making custom stickers or custom boxes, we cater to all of your packaging and printing needs. There are certain details that we make sure of fulfilling when it comes to our services. Any bulk production that we do, we do it after you approve the sample that we create for you. This way you get no faults in your orders, and you also end up receiving good value for your money.


Yashtech fully participates in the race against climate change. This is why we make sure that our Kraft boxes in the Dubai are made out of recyclable and easily biodegradable material. Further, the extent that we go to ensure that the quality of our products remains up to the standard is high. Moreover, we ourselves monitor the whole process to ensure that there is consistency in the products. Hence, if you choose us for your packaging needs, you are in good hands.


For us, our customers always come first. You can easily contact us via email or phone. We tend to keep in touch with our clients even after we have given them the products to make sure they are completely satisfied and have no concerns.


We provide wholesale Kraft boxes at Yashtech at amazingly low prices. When you buy Kraft boxes in bulk, it costs you less, but you get more custom packaging out of it.

Ready to elevate your takeaway service with our Kraft takeaway boxes? Contact us today to place your order or learn more about our customizable options. Let’s work together to serve your customers better while making a positive impact on the environment!