Probe Wipes for Food Thermometers

When a thermometer is used to check the temperature of a raw food or of a food that has not yet reached the temperature required to kill off pathogenic bacteria (bacteria that cause food poisoning), there is a danger that bacteria present in the food will become attached to the probe. If the probe is then used on another food that isn’t going to be further heat treated, then the bacteria can be transferred to that food (cross-contamination). As the food is not going to undergo further cooking, then the bacteria could multiply to levels sufficient to cause food poisoning.

This is where our range of antibacterial products can help ensure the cleanliness of your food thermometers! We offer the Best Antibacterial Probe Wipes for Food Thermometers  that offer optimal performance, are safe and simple to use in compliance with HACCP standards and that effectively attack listeria and salmonella. It is designed to quickly clean and sanitize your thermometer probe! For any thermometer with a probe, simply swab the metal section with a thermometer wipe, and you’re done! It is a simple one-step process that ultimately prevents cross-contamination in even the busiest of kitchens.

836-052 – Probe Wipes Tubs

Measures 130 x 130mm
180 Wipes x 6 Tubs

Single Sachet Probe Wipes

Measures 60 x 30mm
Pack of 100 Sachets

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