Food Labels

All your Food Labelling Needs Covered in One Go!

We, as one of the leading Food and Beverage Label Suppliers in Dubai and across GCC, offer custom food labels in premium metallic finishes, colors, materials and shapes of your choice! Our Food Labels are bound to make your product stand out from the crowd in no time and bring anyone’s mind to the point of purchasing!

Extensive Range of Food Labelling Solutions

With 13 years of Experience in the Labelling Industry, we provide an exceptionally high level of service to our customers with cutting-edge technology to ensure best labels are produced for every product. Choose from wide range of sizes, paired with excellent label materials and label adhesives such as permanent, removable, freezer grade and dissolvable labels. Take A Peek at some of our Food Label Solutions.


Food safety is a vital aspect of any food service establishment’s operations. All food service establishments are required to label prepped food for the safety of the customer and to protect the best interest of the establishment itself. This is where our Food Safety Day Labels can help you! Our simple, color-coded “Day Labels” are pre-printed with Item Name, Prep Date, Prep Time, Day of the Week, Use by Date, Handling Instructions and all other information needed to ensure the highest measure of food safety. The Labels are produced in permanent or removable adhesive, capable of withstanding low to extremely high temperatures and supports in the management of food stock rotation at your café or restaurant. The Labels are bound to ensure that you keep up with the health and safety guidelines and maintain profit with food sales. Our Day Label varieties include Day Dot Stickers, Square Shaped Day Labels, Universal Food Rotation Labels and Octagon Labels.


Our Quick and Easy to Apply “USE First Dot Stickers” also offer another great way of keeping track of the inventory at restaurants, café’s, school cafeteria, or other commercial food prep area. We offer stickers of size 50mm in bright red and orange colors, printed with bold font type to quickly grab anyone’s attention.  Each use first label has got a removable adhesive for easy peel off from all kind of surfaces and leaves absolutely no residue behind. However, you do not have to worry about making sure you can reuse each sticker as we offer a pack of 6 Use First Stickers Rolls, 500 Labels per Roll to easily maintain stock on hand. Having the sticker in place will definitely ensure that the status of your food products is clearly communicated and food contamination is reduced.


Those who suffer from food allergies tend to rely on labels to determine which foods are safe for them to eat. Certain food allergens such as Milk, Eggs, Fish, Peanuts, Soy and Wheat when consumed can cause severe allergic reactions and that’s where our Allergen Food Labels can help you make an informed decision about the foods you eat. The innovative design ensures that these labels are clearly identifiable and any allergen present is quickly noted and adhered to the food container.


Labelling your food and ingredients is an important aspect of any kitchen. Not only does it save time, but it also prevents chefs from accidentally adding in different ingredients that could potentially damage the quality of food served to customers. Our Dissolvable Range of Use By / Expiry Labels come in simple design and are produced using eco-friendly materials with water-based inks. These Food Rotation Labels are 100% Dissolvable and disappears completely from any surface when in contact with water, having no mess or leftover residue to worry about. Use By Labels are one most demanded choice of Labels at Restaurants, Food Trucks, Hotels, Deli’s, Fast Food and Grocery Stores to note down a food or ingredient’s shelf life.


Keep an eye on your frozen stock now with our handy Production / Expiry Freezer Grade Labels. The Freezer Labels are designed with a special freezer adhesive to remain intact with the food packaging and to prevent them from falling off after thawing the food ingredients. The Label can be used on multiple types of frozen food items, making them a versatile and useful addition to your kitchen.