Customized Labels

Custom Label Solutions for All Kinds of Business

With Yashtech by your side, get labels printed in high-resolution images, shapes and sizes of your choice! We respond to the requests of our customers quickly and efficiently. You have complete control with how your printed labels and stickers are produced. We ensure that your design is printed onto the best label materials that will last for the duration of your products life and will be immune to any kind of external damage.


Safety Stickers are an important requirement for Businesses looking to minimize the risk of injuries or accidents that can happen at a workplace. We at Yashtech, offer premium quality Safety Stickers in Dubai that are printed on high quality paper and synthetic label materials along with a protective lamination in matte or gloss finish. Get customized safety stickers such as Warning Stickers, First Aid Stickers, Fire Safety Stickers and Chemical Safety Stickers. The bright colours and eye-catching designs of the stickers are sure to capture anyone’s attention quickly and alert them of any danger.


Looking for Barcode Sticker Suppliers in Dubai? We believe in listening to our clients and finding out what they need so that we can meet their expectations and fulfil orders as accurately and cost-effectively as possible with our Professional Barcode Sticker Printing Services. Our Barcode Printing Solutions include Numeric Only Barcode Labels, Alphanumeric Barcode Labels, 2D Barcode Labels and QR Codes. We print & provide Barcode Stickers that comply with the Barcode Regulations and are delivered on time and within your budget.


Labelling in Logistics is incredibly important to ensure that every shipment reaches its intended recipient. Whether you require shipping labels, date labels, rack labels, priority labels or fragile stickers, we can provide them in the form you need for printing on your premises: blank or pre-printed with your brand. Our Labels are designed to be applicable on different kinds of boxes, packaging films, rough or smooth surfaces, cold and moist environments. Find out for yourself & benefit from our extensive range of logistic labels tailored to your needs.


Want to show off your Brand? We can help improve brand awareness and attract new customers with Customized Stickers in Dubai. We offer stickers that are fully customizable in design, colour and size, digitally printed in high resolution CMYK to ensure your stickers look crisp and professional. You can decide the lifespan of your stickers by choosing a permanent or removable adhesive for your stickers. From Promotional stickers to Logo stickers for Food Packaging, Stickers with QR codes to encourage new website visitors and more, we have got it all covered for you. Simply submit your artwork to us and get a business sticker printed that is uniquely of your own!


Looking for Food & Beverage Labels in Dubai to keep your brand recognizable to all customers? When it comes to labelling food products packaged in jars, cans, bottles, sauces, snacks and condiments, we have got the expertise to fulfil all your Food and Beverage Labelling needs! We offer Labels in paper and synthetic materials with sleek label finishes such as gloss, matte, foil printed, embossed and others, all in shapes and sizes of your choice. We also provide freezer grade food labels suitable for use in sub-zero temperatures. Wish to provide extra information on product labels? Then Our Peel & Reveal Labels would be the best choice to quickly grab the attention of consumers with an eye-catching design at the top layer and additional instructions printed on the interior layer.


Customized Airline Label Printing is also our Specialty! The labels can be used to provide significant information such as baggage details, flight destination, flight number, handling instructions and precautions. Most labels are also produced as a source of advertising for Airlines and prefers the use of creative and attractive images to attract more passengers. Be it any shape, size and material, we have got the expertise and flexible combination of printing technologies to provide unique Airline Labels such as Thermal Baggage Labels, Cabin Baggage Tags, Priority Tags, Security Labels, Fragile Cargo Stickers, Boarding Passes and more, as per customer requirements.

Have a Design in Mind?

Feel Free to Contact Us Today and Our Design Team will create a label illustration that is best suited to your own specifications.