About Us


YASHTECH - A leading supply brand in consumables to sectors such as “ Banking, Aviation, Food, Retail & 3PL ". Yashtech - being developed, maintained and professionally run by well expertise team, who have been in the industry having been gained excellent experience in technical, operation, pricing and marketing, for solution provisions to industries such as Banking, Aviation, Food & Retail. On regular intervals - we have been a source of solution provider to complicated issues - right from printing solution to customer care, to one and all customer driven markets.

Our Services quality to Solution providing - is unmatchable by promptness in attainment, trouble free carry on. Our Trading and Supply services, attached with solution technical knowhow - for key industries such as - Aviation, Banking, Entertainment, Food Processing, Retail & the Logistics. YASHTECH - a renowned supplier name - in & around Middle Eastern countries.Our current clientele - includes major blue chip companies, and brand owners in middle east. Our motto of " none other than satisfaction " helping us to retain customers, and cross benchmarks.

" Yashtech appealing product supply - Feel like home grown" " Quality product supply- never a coincidence!!-its niche approach always by YASHTECH"